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  • Q: How to open files with Office PowerPoint?

    1. You can right-click a file - open mode - Office PowerPoint;

    2. Open the “P-icon” in the upper left corner of Edmodo Classroom , then click “Setting” in lower right corner - General –Default Open Mode – Remove the check before “Set the PPT default after opening”


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  • Q: Insert ”Subject Tools” in the right side of the Edmodo Classroom , but prompts "Insert failed"

    1. Office is not installed yet; Edmodo Classroom can be used only after installing office.

    2. Office has not been activated; There may be some error if the office has not been activated. Please activate it before using it.

    3. Office installation is abnormal or the version is too old: Most of the courseware is made from Microsoft Office 2007 or above versions. Microsoft Office 2003 is too old to work. Please install 2007 or above versions.

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  • Q: Why have I inserted the video by Edmodo Classroom, but when I open the video, it just can’t play.

    After you insert the video from Edmodo Classroom and click Save, it will save files of two is pptx, and the other is ndpx. You can find them in the path where the original file is stored. You need to open the file of ndpx and then it will play normally.

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  • Q: How to open courseware made by Edmodo Classroom on other computers?

    If you inserted video audio, subject tools and practice from the insert above of Edmodo Classroom you must copy the file of ndpx to other computers. This requires that Edmodo Classroom is also installed on other computers.

    If you don't use the features from Edmodo Classroom, then you can just copy the file of pptx. And the file of pptx can also open in other computers without installing Edmodo Classroom.

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  • Q: Can users use Edmodo Classroom without a network?

    The functions that Edmodo Classroom needs network :

    1. Account login.

    2. My network disk.

    3. Mobile phone connection function. Other features can be used without a network.

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  • Q: What network does the phone and computer require to connect with each other?

    It needs to ensure mobile phone and computer can connect to the Internet, regardless of whether the mobile phone is using cell phone data or WIFI.  They can also be connected without Internet if their network is on the same LAN or they are connected to the same router.

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  • Q: Mobile can’t connect PC after scaning the QR code in PC?

    1. Please confirm that the Edmodo Classroom on your phone and computer are updated to the latest version.

    2. Tap the Disconnect button, and reconnect them again.

    3. Please turn off the firewall and anti-virus software on the computer, check your network and try again.

    4. If the above methods have been tried and they still cant be connected, please record the user's mobile phone and computer network operator (whether the phone uses WIFI or traffic, The name of carrier), mobile phone model and system version, the time and the region , and send Feedback on the mobile end to us.

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  • Q: How to switch language in Edmodo Classroom?

    Open the “P-icon” in the upper left corner of Edmodo Classroom, then click “Setting” in lower right corner, select Language you want.

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