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  • Q: How can I view the product serial number?

    1. outer packing box

    2. The lower left corner of the back cover (only 101 Pad)

    3. Settings - About Tablet - Status Information

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  • Q: How to check the system version?

    Settings - About the tablet - version number

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  • Q: How to upgrade the system?

    In the case of networking, click on Settings - About Tablet - System Upgrade, you can detect the new version to download updates.

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  • Q: How to correct the icon in 101 Pad?

    The icon rotation function is a small Easter Eggs in 101 Pad. When long pressing the icon, the icon of rotation will appear, and the students can make various shapes according to their own preferences。

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  • Q: How to ROOT 101 Pad?

    101 Pad does not support ROOT

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  • Q: How long can I use 101 Pad when it is 100% charged?

    It can be used for 6 hours at 100% brightness。

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  • Q: in the case of shutdown, How many days does the battery support?

    In case of shutdown, the battery can support 11 days。

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  • Q: How long does it take for 101 Pad charge battery from 0 to 100?

    5 hours

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  • Q: Why are some pages not accessible?

    1. Confirm the settings - whether the WLAN function is turned on;

    2. Confirm that the WIFI hotspot is connected. After the link is successful, a fan icon will appear in the battery position in the upper right corner of the Pad.

    3. There are two reasons why certain webpage cannot be connected to the Internet: A. The website itself has problems; B. The Pad’s own green browser will block suspected viruses and bad unhealthy websites regularly to ensure the students surf the Internet safely.。

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  • Q: The Pad can't connect to the computer?

    1. Verify that the USB debugging function is enabled: System Settings - Developer Options – Check “USB Debugging is lit”

    2. If you have turned on USB debugging or can't connect, you can try to replace the USB port and try to connect again, or try to connect again after restarting the computer.

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  • Q: How to customize the shortcut function in the upper left corner?

    Enter the Settings - button to set the shortcut content according to your preferences。

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  • Q: How to set the backlight off time on the shortcut key?

    1. Enter the Settings - button;

    2. Check the desired “Key Backlight Off Time” (3 seconds, always on, always off)

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  • Q: How do I uninstall the app on the Pad?

    1. Press and hold the program icon need to be uninstalled on the Pad until“×” appears in the upper left corner, click “×”, and confirm the uninstall in the pop-up dialog box;

    2. You can find the application need to be uninstalled by setting - application, click Uninstall.

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  • Q: What should I do if Pad crashes?

    Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds to force restart.

    Note: 101 Pad can not be forced to shut down when plugged in USB charging.

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  • Q: 101 Pad can find WIFI hotspots, but can't connect?

    Confirm that the WIFI password is correct.

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  • Q: How does 101 Pad quit the silent mode

    Turn the “small square” on the right side of the volume button to select to open or exit the silent mode.


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  • Q: Can I use a third-party charger and data cable to charge the Pad?

    It is not recommended to use third-party accessories for operation. Due to different current and voltage, it may not be charged or cause hardware damage.

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  • Q: How do I view the 101 Pad is in charge?

    1. Charging when power on state, the battery will display the lightning bolt icon in the upper right corner;


    2. Charging when power off state, the backlight blue light is on.


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